Anastasia offers fine dining, family dining and split weeks/single nights 

What’s your experience? 

I’ve been cooking professionally for over twenty years and am still very passionate about it. I first started working in the 3 Valleys in the late nineties and have done many seasons but  moved out here full time in 2017, working as a bespoke freelance chef in luxury chalets and apartments in both Summer and Winter

What is your favourite thing to cook? 

My favourite thing to cook is seasonal well sourced produce, ingredients taste at their best when in season

What is your favourite thing to eat? 

I love to eat all food but seafood of any kind is a favourite, a good plate of spaghetti vongole never goes unfinished, barbecued meat is delicious and I love Vietnamese food

Do you have a signature dish or a speciality?

I don’t have a signature dish as such but enjoy preparing pan-fried fillet of fresh sea bass on a bed of baby spinach with a sauce vierge – very simple but light and delicious!

Who has been your biggest chef inspiration and why?

My biggest chef inspiration would be Michelle Roux Snr. I am biased in this as I have been lucky enough to work with him in a kitchen on numerous occasions. He is a gentleman and a perfectionist and inspired me to do better and not to be afraid of a culinary challenge

Ski or Board?

I predominantly ski and have qualified as a Basi level 2 instructor but snowboard also

Do you speak any other languages?

Regrettably I speak little french but this is a work in progress, certainly now I live here 

What do you do during the summer?

In the Summer I mostly work in the mountains for those clients that come back to experience the wonders that are here but when I’m not working, I do lots of hiking and climbing via ferratas.