Aston offers fine dining, family dining and split weeks/single nights 

What’s your experience? 

I have a catering business in the summer, before this it’s been 6 years in the alps in private chalets.  A year or two on a yacht. One (and only one, thankfully) in a restaurant

What is your favourite thing to cook? 

French Classics. I do love a good sauce. Beef with a Madeira and Foie Gras Cream Sauce. Duck with a Port and Thyme Jus

What is your favourite thing to eat? 

Mother’s Sunday Roast

Do you have a signature dish or a speciality?

Classic French Dishes with a twist, but more making the meal an occasion. My preferred style to cook (and eat at home) is with some sharing platters and a bit of theatre. Anything to get a communal vibe and bring people together

Who has been your biggest chef inspiration and why?

Initially inspired by my mother, then my first and only head chef 

Ski or Board?

Ski, and go to Mountain Restaurants. Never boarded

Do you speak any other languages?


What do you do during the summer?

I have a catering business in the south of France